#mosomelt Week 10 Collaborative video

What I really like about week 10’s collaborative video is the way it offers the potential to transform learning tasks. In terms of Puentedura’s SAMR model of technology use this is a ‘redefinition’ whereby technology allows for the creation of a new task that previously could not be done as he explains it here 

The project that I added is the example of  a group of learners simultaneously investigating a location. e.g. an orientation. The learners choose locations and produce a video that switches between places within the location. Pedagogical support includes guidelines/suggestions for both the content (tour, directions, key things to know, main people) and the process of digital collaboration (allocating tasks, agreeing on timing, mode of communication). The collaborative video becomes a shared resource both for the creators and other learners. They use an app such as JumpCam on their mobile devices. Learners thus co-create rather than consume or curate content.

(Next to work on a hands-on example for Week 11/12 activity)


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